A Doctor Who dream


Three years ago, I guess the Dream Lord inspired my because I had a very strange dream linked with the Whoniverse – and some unexpected guest stars as well.

Some friends and I were investigating a bad guy who owned a slave and wanted to escape to Geneva. We were pursuing him through the Louvre museum – even if it didn’t look like the real one – when we reached a road.

A car was coming towards us. The front passenger seemed to be a dead man who looked like Mark Gormley (yes, I know…) holding a sign that read: “If you can see me, please wave!”

So we all waved, of course, and River Song came and helped us. We laid the guy down on the ground and checked the vital signs.

It was so strange, because his heart had stopped but he still had a pulse… Maybe he was a time lord and had two hearts!

Then we saw the son of the bad guy we were after, but my friends and I disappeared at this point in the dream, as if I had become a witness of the story but had no part in it.

The son is young and owns a big house, equipped with life detectors. They consist in map panels where light dots represent the living beings in the rooms.

A couple of old servants – also enslaved by the evil guys – and the bad young man are in a room full of antiques and stuffed animals. Evil Junior tells them that he owns them, then leaves the room.

At this moment, something really scary happens: a lot of light dots appear simultaneously on the life detector panel of the room… Brrrr!

Indeed, all the stuffed animals have been brought back to life!! The old couple is so scared, they try to hide but are discovered by a threatening Neanderthal.

The old man tells him to leave them alone, but of course the reborn man doesn’t understand!

But the woman has been in the Tardis when she was young and the automatic translation system still works in her brain! She’s able to communicate with the Neanderthal, who understands and so thankfully stops bothering them.

That’s when the Doctor comes, finds the evil guy and sends him back to King Philip The Fair era!

It was a very nice dream, even if I forgot some parts. As Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary is getting nearer, I might write more Doctor Who related posts 🙂

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