Inhabit your body


This text is a translation from the original French, Habite ton corps. In this post I say that as I am used to leave things unfinished, I keep a lot of drafts or ideas in my notebooks and I often wonder if one of my ideas will appear in a real book by someone else.

And it happened. In October, I read The Egg which has the same basic concept than a short story draft I had written a couple of years ago. And this is actually what made me begin this blog 🙂 To share more without trying to reach an elusive perfection.

Inhabit your body

And now, I am me. I was born a few years ago and I already know it: I am me, but a slightly special me. A “me” that remembers that he has been Caesar and Brutus, and that one day she will be you.

I have not been Hitler yet, but I have been Stalin. I remember killing someone. I remember being the victim.

This is the first time I remember. This is the first time I know I will be you. That I made love to my mother. That I will make love to my father. That I have been emperor, queen, prince, pharaoh. That I have already died, horribly, several times. Victim and executioner, endlessly. The war of me against me. Against you, who has been or will be me.

I have been my favorite singer, your favorite actress. I have been and will be a writer, I perfectly remember having written The Picture of Dorian Gray, the Kama Sutra. But I have not already written the Odyssey nor Watchmen nor…

You are also me, don’t worry, you have been Dali, you will be Rembrandt. You have painted the Girl with a Pearl Earring. You have modeled for the Girl with a Pearl Earring. I have made the canvas for the Girl with a Pearl Earring. I have hung it in the museum.

Indeed, I am also the only one who can give me pleasure, whichever type. I have loved myself anywhere, anytime. I have taken my own virginity many times, and it will happen again.

I am everybody. I have already thought about it, but it is the first time I am sure of it. When I walk in the street, I can see a hundred me, and then I remember having seen myself. I know what they think about me, because I have already been them. When I focus, I can know nearly everything from the past.

The title, Inhabit your body, comes from a sentence one of my friends heard from a teacher. We thought at first that it had no sense, then I found it relevant to title this unpolished, unfinished short story.

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