Fractal Palindromic Language

ENI like fractals, I like palindroms, I like languages and linguistics.

So one day, I asked myself: hey, why not create a palindromic language, whose every element would be almost fractally palindromic?

The letters

Obviously, I could only use vertically symmetrical letters! I selected this subset of the latin alphabet:

A, T, Y, U, I, O, H, M, W, X, V


With those letters, I created some vaguely indo-european sounding words for some basic concepts:

ama: love (see Latin amare, Italian amore, French amour…)
awa: water (see Polish woda, French eau, English water, Italian aqua, Spanish agua…)
maiam: food (see French interjection Miam!, Fench manger, Italian mangiare)
matam: mother (see English mother, German Mutter)
muhum: woman (see Spanish mujer, Italian moglie, Latin mulier)
omo: man (see Italian uomo, French homme, Latin homo)
vatav: father (see English father, German Vater)
viv: life (see French vie, Latin vita, English life)
taat: death (see German Tod, English death)
tohot: language (see English tongue, English talk)


I thought about adding a plural rule, where a plural marker would frame the singular word. For instance, a Y. Hence:

yomoy: men
ymuhumy: women


I created some numbers with both a name and a latin-like numeral (taken from the alphabet). The basic rule is: framing, framing and more framing to keep the palindroms.

umu (I) = one (1) (see English one, Italian uno)
tvavt (V) = two (2) (see Polish dwa, German zwei, Swedish två)
thiht (Y) = three (3) (see English three)
hwatawh ( W ) = four (4) (see Russian четыре [chetyre], Czech čtyři, Farsi چهار [chahar])
vimiv (H) = five (5) (see German fünf, English five)
xix (YY   – yeah, Y + Y = YY) = six (6)  (see English six, French six, German sechs)
xivix (VYV   – palindromic addition!) = seven (7) (see English seven, German sieben)
oto (WW) = eight (8) (see Italian otto)
mim (YYY) = nine (9) (see English nine, German neun)
tixit (HH) = ten (10) (see Polish dziesięć, Danish ti, English digit)

HIH  = 11
HVH = 12
HYH = 13
HWH = 14
HHH = 15
HYYH = 16
HVYVH = 17
HWWH = 18
HYYYH = 19

I haven’t gone farther – yet! – but I had fun!

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