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The Centurion and the Fairy Queen

On my fashion / picture blog, you can find a new short story! It compliments some pictures taken by Marina Bratunova back in May, with Alexis and me 🙂

The Centurion and the Fairy Queen

1 – The Peaceful Centurion

He walked among the ferns and suddenly, he was free. He had never felt that before, in Rome or on the battlefields, as his mind was always obscured by duties and punishments and blood and so called civilisation. But the clouds had just lifted in his head. He had only wanted to get away from the madness for a moment, or at least that’s what he had consciously thought. Now, he wasn’t so sure he wanted to fight anymore. Even though he had always been told that Rome was the epitome of progress, he had never hated the Celts or their legends. He felt more connected to the deer and luscious flowers of this magical forest than to his martial comrades and ceremonies for the Emperor.

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