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Happy New Year 2015! Bonne année 2015 !

EN(In French below)

Dear All,

The Potential Airship and I wish you a wonderful New Year!

I want to thank all my followers and readers, I really enjoyed working on OuZePo in 2014 and will try to write some more in 2015.

I’ve decided to try to take care of my Internet garden, so I’ve groomed my Youtube channel. There’s not much yet, but I’ve created a playlist dedicated to the videos I’ve shared on OuZePo and another one for my professional presentations. I’ve also created a Twitter account to share my posts and interesting finds.

In 2014, I also had the opportunity to travel a lot, for business trips and holidays, and I managed to tick some boxes on my “to see/to do/to visit” wish list. Here are some highlights:

fr-airshipChers tous,

Le Zeppelin Potentiel et moi vous souhaitons une excellente nouvelle année !

Je tiens à remercier toutes les personnes qui me suivent et qui me lisent. J’ai beaucoup aimé écrire pour OuZePo en 2014 et j’espère continuer ainsi en 2015.

J’ai décidé de prendre soin de mon jardin en ligne, donc j’ai commencé par remanier ma chaîne Youtube. Il n’y a certes pas grand chose encore, mais j’ai créé une playlist afin de répertorier les vidéos partagées sur OuZePo et une autre avec mes présentations professionnelles. J’ai aussi ouvert un compte Twitter pour partager mes articles et mes découvertes.

En 2014, j’ai eu l’opportunité de voyager, professionnellement et personnellement, ce qui m’a permis de réaliser quelques rêves. Voici un petit calendrier visuel :

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The Many Lives of “The Woman in White”

ENThe Woman in White is a Victorian “Sensation Novel” written in 1859-1860 by Wilkie Collins. I discovered it more than 10 years ago, and since then it is one of my favorite novels. Why is it so appealing? What inspired it?

Wilkie Collins

Most facts here come from John Sutherland’s notes and introduction to The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins, Oxford World’s Classics.

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Caspar David Friedrich: Cloister Cemetery in the Snow, 1817-19

The Graveyard Scene


In my previous article, Graveyards and the City, I said my fascination with graveyards began with graveyards scenes in books. I think it was a scene from The Phantom of the Opera, by Gaston Leroux.

When I think about “The Graveyard Scene”, She’s in Parties by Bauhaus is always stuck in my head.

The Graveyard Scene… The golden years… She’s in parties…

The pre Romantic and Romantic artists were fascinated with death and specifically graveyards.

The Graveyard Poets were some gloom-oriented English poets from 18th Century, among them Thomas Gray wrote An Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard. Gothic Literature, Victorian Gothic Literature and then Edwardian Literature featured this kind of settings. Early 20th century movies – a lot of book adaptations –  also had a Gothic feel about them (see German Expressionist Movies). The themes and settings survived in later gothic/horror/fantasy books, paintings, movies and video games.

Here are some of my favorite Graveyard Scenes (click the pictures for more details!):

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