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A warning – poem


Sweet, oh how sweet he is, him who dwells in darkness,
Reaching out for your pain, tearing your memories,
Until you feel safer, no burdens or worries.
“Please touch me”, you’ll tell him, for his gift’s emptiness
And you’ll crave ecstasy, gasping as soft fingers
Will stroke your life away. You were mistaken, dear.
He needs to eat joy too, not only grief and fear.
If you want to stay whole, choose nice human lovers.

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Mes yeux sont de glace et mes cheveux ténébreux
Dans les méandres de mon caveau petits humains
Je vous attends.
Je vous fascinerai je vous caresserai je vous dévorerai et
Vous mourrez subjugués !
Le tombeau se refermera
Vous serez enterrés à jamais.

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