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Mio Mao vs Mio Mao

ENSilly Mashup time, again!

This time, Mio Mao – the hip hop band – vs Mio Mao – the children TV series!

Doctor Who Mashups – Geeks doing good


Worldbuilders, created by Patrick Rothfuss to help Heifer International charity, has opened an indiegogo fundraiser project, Geeks Doing Good, where you can preorder a lot of nice geeky things, including a Karen Hallion calendar!

Disney/Doctor Who

Here are some awesome Doctor Who/Disney mashups from Karen Hallion:

(Yup, Mary Poppins is a time lady, always thought so!)

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Silly Mash-Up – Doctor Takeshi

ENA silly mash-up I did with GIMP years ago – Takeshi Kaneshiro as The Doctor!


Bohr, j’adore!


Had some fun with GIMP! Quantum physics for the win! Niels Bohr rocks!


EnglishI wrote a parody of Playground Love by Air, called TARDIS Love, about Rose Tyler and the Doctor!


I’m a time traveler

And you’re my favorite doctor
Bad Wolf all, all my soul
You’re my TARDIS love

Yet the worlds are shaking
I feel my body remains, time and matter, I’m Rose Tyler
In the TARDIS, love.

You’re a real time lord that flashes on my soul,
End of time, on this ground,
You’re my TARDIS love.

Anytime, Allons-y,
You’re my TARDIS love.

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