Zeppeline Potentielle


A few months ago, I was giving a job interview for the robotics company I work in. At the end, the person took something in their bag and showed me a drawing: “Look, I had an idea! Why not make a female version of the robot?”.

They had basically drawn the robot’s head and added lipstick, eyelashes and a flower on top. I was already a bit touchy on this subject, especially since I just had had a discussion with my colleagues about the robot exhibition that took place in the Paris Musée des Arts et Métiers. Indeed, at the entrance, two humanoid robots were welcoming the visitors. One of them looked exactly like the other, with the addition of breasts and lips…

It was stereotypical, very “the default is the masculine”. One of my colleague found it  a bit offensive and talked about it at the office.

( Obviously, I didn’t really like the candidate’s drawing and told them 🙂 )

Recently, I was sent a link to a more complete study of this phenomenon, what the author, Anita Sarkeesian, calls Ms Male Character. It is very interesting and as a wink to this video, I created a very ridiculous “Zeppeline Potentielle” 😉  (I know that ships are “female” in the English language and airships are “male” in French, but really the potential airship has no gender: it’s an airship, mind you 🙂 )

2 thoughts on “Zeppeline Potentielle

  1. Very interesting! You know there are also games where there is not this kind of stereotype. I advise you try Don’t Starve 😉 Feminine characters are so more interesting than the usual “with-a-bow” characters 🙂

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